Kingston Black Apples

The Kingston Black apple is another variety of apple that is best suited for cider making only. With its bitter taste it isn’t much of an eating apple like so many of the apples grown in the United States. In  fact, most cider making apple varieties don’t even look like the larger Red Delicious or Fuji’s that everyone  loves to eat. Most cider making apples are smaller and tend to grow in clusters of 3 or more. If you are looking to grow cider apples or if you are looking for a variety to buy to make hard cider, the Kingston Black may be a good place to start. It is a good stand alone variety, or varietal, so you don’t necessarily need to blend this apple variety with other apple varieties. If you do want to grow a Kingston Black apple tree, you can purchase them in the States and they are best suited to grow in hardiness zones 4-9. This hardiness zone covers a majority of the US, from the Yakima Valley in Washington State to the Tennessee River Valley. See the map below. The only climates to avoid would be the northern plains and the southern tip of Florida.

Climate and growing zones for the United States

Climate and growing zones for the United States

Crimson King Apple

The Crimson King apple is an old english variety used to make hard cider. This apple variety was propagated by a man named John Toucher of Bewley Down in the late 1800’s. When used to make hard apple cider the end result has a fruity taste. Crimson King apples are a smaller bright red apple that typically grow to be only about 2.5 inches in diameter. Crimson King’s are harvested in November (in most climates) and some people use them for cooking as well.

Large Pressing Bags

When pressing apples into cider  you will  first want to crush the apples into the finest pomace as possible. The more you are able to grind up the apples, the more juice you will yield when pressing. Another vital piece of equipment would be filtering bags, which are usually made of a stretchy nylon material. Using a cider pressing bag when pressing your cider will filter out unwanted objects from your cider. If you choose not to use a pressing bag filter you will more than likely need to use something to get the seeds, stems, excess pulp, and other foreign object from contaminating your cider or juice. It is much easier to line your pressing tubs with a filtering bag, which will take care of 99% of your filtering.

Gourmet Fruit Basket

Gourmet Fruit Basket

Grove’s Goodness does it again with the Orchard Harvest Gourmet Fruit & Gift Basket. It is loaded up with fresh fruits including: 4 varieties of Pears, 2 varieties of Apples, Citrus Oranges & Pineapple. This gourmet gift basket also includes a 10 ounce bottle of perry, and assorted gourmet fruit and nut covered chocolates. At a very affordable price this gift basket is sure to please any recipient. This Fruit & Gift basket weigh’s 15 lbs., and is loaded with goodies. Pear varieties include Green D’Anjou Pears, Columbia D’Anjou Pears, Bosc Pears, and Seckel Pears. Apple varieties included are Red Delicious and Fuji.

Pressing Apples

As we enter into mid-October and Apple harvest is wrapping up, everyone seems to be pressing apples and stocking up on cider and juice. Each October we have a family “pressing party” although we don’t necessarily call it that by name. It’s more of a family get together to celebrate birthday’s, catch up with each other, and get away from our busy lives. I truly believe that cider pressing is an event that build’s family and strengthens relationships because everyone can participate. So, if you  haven’t had the opportunity to press apples with family and make  some amazingly good apple cider, there is not better time to start.

The Grove’s Goodness Abundant Fruit Basket is over flowing with fresh fruit and goodies. This gourmet gift basket contains some of the finest Pear varieties, including: Green D’Anjou Pears, Bosc Pears, Concord Pears, Columbia D’Anjou Pears, Seckel Pears and Asian Pears. This delicious fruit basket also contains Red Delicious Apples, Jonagold Apples, Granny Smith Apples, Navel Oranges, Grapefruit, Pineapple & Dried Fruit Assortment. If you are looking for a gift for  a fruit lover in your life, then this gourmet basket is it! We will deliver this basket anywhere in the United States with a personalized message.

Table Wine Press

A small but very effective wine press from Jaffrey Manufacturing is their table model. It is small in size, which makes it easier to manage and store. The cast iron arm and screw will have no problems crushing your grapes into juice. When pressing grapes for fresh juice or when making wine you should crush the grapes prior to pressing, but it is not required. Just as if you were pressing apples (which must be ground up into pumace), the more crushing you do on the front end will yield more juice on the back end. If you are interested in dabbling in pressing grapes, but don’t have an interest in producing a large volume, then the Jaffrey Table Wine Press is the fruit press for you.

If you are interested in making your own cider you must read Cider: Making, Using & Enjoying Hard & Sweet Cider by Annie Proulx and Lew Nichols.  It is a very easy read,  but it thorough in its approach to guiding beginning  cider makers. The book covers both hard (alcoholic) cider as well as sweet (fresh) cider and which apples are best to use for both. There is a great chapter on Cider Presses themselves and the variety of styles to choose from. If you are interested in growing your own trees they even touch on what types of trees are best suited for you. They also cover some topics beyond just making your own apple cider, such as cooking recipes, making apple cider vinegar, and how the law plays a role in making cider. If you’ve ever wanted  to learn about home making apple cider this is a great place to start.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Grove’s Goodness has a new lineup of gourmet holiday gift baskets. Sure to have something you are looking for,  gift baskets contain such items as fresh fruit: apples, pears, pineapple, and oranges. As well as gourmet chocolates, chocolate dipped fruit, mixed nuts and more. You can also find gift baskets with delicious cheeses and crackers. If you are looking for a gift basket to send to business clients or as a personal gesture, you are sure to delight with a holiday gift basket from The Fruit Press.

Fruit Gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation. Whether you are dealing with a business associate or a personal relationship, you cannot go wrong by sending someone a gift basket full of fresh fruits, chocolate, cheeses and mixed nuts. Grove’s Goodness has built a delicious gift basket and is priced very reasonably. The Orchard Harvest Fruit Basket consists of D’Anjou Pears, Fuji Apples, Chocolates, Navel Oranges,  Pineapple, mixed nuts, and more. If you are looking for a gourmet gift basket, then look no further. Click on the following link to buy the Orchard Harvest Fruit Basket , you will also find addtional gourment gift baskets.