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Jaffrey’s flagship 8400 Cider Press is on sale at The Fruit Press, for $670. Regularly priced at $740, this is a great time for your purchase of a cider press. October is the apple harvest season, don’t go another year without your own cider press to make homemade apple juice, or cider.

Order your Jaffrey Cider Press today to guarantee you receive your Cider Press by the end of the month!

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When pressing apples into cider  you will  first want to crush the apples into the finest pomace as possible. The more you are able to grind up the apples, the more juice you will yield when pressing. Another vital piece of equipment would be filtering bags, which are usually made of a stretchy nylon material. Using a cider pressing bag when pressing your cider will filter out unwanted objects from your cider. If you choose not to use a pressing bag filter you will more than likely need to use something to get the seeds, stems, excess pulp, and other foreign object from contaminating your cider or juice. It is much easier to line your pressing tubs with a filtering bag, which will take care of 99% of your filtering.

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